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Hey all, 2011 will be my first year at burning man and I am super excited to meet some new people and have a good time.
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Name of the camp you are staying with this year:
Not with a camp, but looking for one!
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Job/Career Title:
Artist / Educator
Your job/career and what you actually do:
I make interactive physical computing sculptures and furniture. I also teach 3D Design at ASU and do freelance wed / user interface design.

My work is meant to challenge our perceptions of who creates art, how it is displayed, and the truth it holds. I am interested in how society comes to believe or deny certain truths, and the role of democracy in such decisions. To reveal this democratic process my work often requires a significant amount of viewer interaction with the piece. To create a participatory dialogue I often use digital technology so that the physical world can be altered via the online world, and document installations with video. Because of the focus on creating truth through participation there is also an emphasis on communication; an object, performance, or display must clearly communicate its intent. To achieve this level of communication there is a high degree of design in my work; every line is considered, every curve has a reason, and nothing is arbitrary.
Past Camps:
Why Burning Man? Why are you going?
I live close enough now that it seems silly not to go, and I love the desert. Sounds like a good place to get my fire poi on, too.

I am also really interested in experiencing and participating in a gift economy as well as a place that is motivated by community and not consumption.
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No Partner
How or where did you first hear about Burning Man?
Volunteered with:
What would you do differently if you could go back in time from a past Burning Man experience:
Where are you from? Where have you lived?
I'm from Boston, MA and now live in Tempe, AZ but I have also lived by:
WWOOFing in Australia
HelperXing in New Zealand
Getting sick in India
Learning Japanese in Japan
Being unemployed in Portland, OR
Doing undergrad in Providence, RI
Making furniture in Oakland, CA
All About You
Matthew Mosher rocks the art world, and is often described as "a force of will, intellect, and creativity." The idol to adolescents supports healthy competition by teaching summer courses in carrot dueling and advanced squirt gun engineering using a teaching style referred to as "bottled lightning." While a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, Matthew wrote a manifesto titled “Nothing Is True” which denounces both Studio Furniture and American Politics. As an advocate for humanity the world over, he instills in others the passion to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Currently Matthew is mastering fine arts at Arizona State University, and you++ing his students in 3D Design. When he is not chasing squirrels or catching ducks, Matthew can be found cutting up one of many rugs in Paradise Valley.
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Top 10 reasons to go to Burning Man:
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Top 10 things you don't like about Burning Man:
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BurningMan Experience:
BurningMan Tips & Tricks:
Years you've gone to Burning Man and your "Burning Moments":
(these are when you say, "oh my god did you just see that" or when something unigue happened to you.)

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