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Hello, This is my first year living in AZ (Scottsdale) and my 5th year going to burning man.
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Almost There
Almost There
Almost There
Almost There

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Almost There
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shamRock City Pub
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2 & Birthday
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We are happy to announce that we are returning to the Playa and once again serving the masses for Burning Man 2011. We are thrilled to be adding one more Irish Bar to the playa. The Black Rock Desert is a thirsty place and we will do our part to quench the thirst of the dusty masses. This is a new project by name only. With all of our success building Paddy Mirage over the years; members of the SF crew decided it was time for the Bay Area based Irish Burners to have their very own Pub at Black Rock City. A passing of the torch in a way, led to forming of a new theme camp for Burning Man2011. Sham Rock City will be our name.

This year we will be constructing the largest pub to date. We have constructed stand alone buildings in the past that have served as a civic center to the masses. We will once again offer shelter to the thirsty hordes during the many dust storms that attack our city. Our buildings are playa tested and will be solid as a rock. Huff and Puff but you will never blow us down.

An early entry crew of 10 builders will be needed to construct the camp. We will need to arrive a full week before the event to accomplish this. We will also need a crew of 10 to stay behind a few days to pack up the camp to be hauled away. We will not have a project this year without these crews. If you cannot participate on one of these crews, do not worry we will have daily chores that will be required by all camp members to be a successful camp. A clean camp is a happy camp!!!
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Solar Analyst/Cosultant
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I finance solar projects nationwide.
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Karma Police, The Other End, Club BamBam
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No Partner
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2001 and it took my friends 4 years to convince me to go.
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