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Virgin Burner... 2012 will be my first!
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Playa or AZ Burner Name:
First Name or Nic Name:
Your personal website:
Name of the camp you are staying with this year:
Not with a camp.
Camp website:
Camp crossroads:
A description of camp you're staying with:
Job/Career Title:
Graphic Designer, Artist, Musician
Your job/career and what you actually do:
Whatever I feel like that day. Seriously, I design anything that can be printed: Logos, business cards, brochures, direct mail, advertising, signage, packaging etc. My portfolio is at

I'm also starting a business creating costumes and playa wear... more info to come!
Past Camps:
Why Burning Man? Why are you going?
I've dreamed of going for several years. This is the first year I have the time off and the money :)
Zodiac Sign:
Zodiac Sign of Partner:
How or where did you first hear about Burning Man?
Friends that have gone.
Volunteered with:
What would you do differently if you could go back in time from a past Burning Man experience:
Where are you from? Where have you lived?
I grew up in Southern California, near Los Angeles, but spent all of my 20's in Portland, Oregon. I moved to Tucson for my boyfriend's job.
All About You
I hate describing myself online. Go see my website!
Singe or Married:
Tell us about being single or married:
Top 10 reasons to go to Burning Man:
(or as many as you can think of)
1. Wear awesome costumes
2. see amazing art
3. challenge the elements
4. Meet wonderful people
5. Express yourself
6. Experience something new
7. Wear awesome costumes
8. Open your mind
9. Get inspired
10. Wear awesome costumes!
Top 10 things you don't like about Burning Man:
(or as many as you can think of)
BurningMan Experience:
Zero. I've met tons of burners though. And I think I fit in well.
BurningMan Tips & Tricks:
Years you've gone to Burning Man and your "Burning Moments":
(these are when you say, "oh my god did you just see that" or when something unigue happened to you.)

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