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When I went to the Toast regional my ride left without me and I was stranded hence earned the nickname Moop. However I've always said the point of going to a burn is to be the coolest version of yourself you can imagine, therefore they call me Wes.
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Playa or AZ Burner Name:
First Name or Nic Name:
Your personal website:
Name of the camp you are staying with this year:
Intention Dimension
Camp website:
we don't have one
Camp crossroads:
A description of camp you're staying with:
All of use have lived in the Lost Valley Educational Center, an ecovillage in Oregon. So, we are re-creating our experience of an intentional community out on the playa.
Job/Career Title:
eco Educator
Your job/career and what you actually do:
For over 7 years I have taught permaculture and ecological design. I worked/lived at the Arcosanti Project (www.arcosanti.org), the Ecosa Institute (www.ecosainstitute.org), and Lost Valley, (www.lostvalley.org). However right now I do recruitment for Kaplan online college. Hopefully I'll get back to the eco living and teaching after I get my Masters.
Past Camps:
Intention Dimension, started by ex-members of the Lost Valley ecovillage.
Why Burning Man? Why are you going?
'Cause it's Burning Man!
Zodiac Sign:
Zodiac Sign of Partner:
No Partner
How or where did you first hear about Burning Man?
Living at Arcosanti.
Volunteered with:
Adopt a Highway, Habitat for Humanity...if you can't tell I don't really understand the question.
What would you do differently if you could go back in time from a past Burning Man experience:
Take a partner to the Beaver Eating Contest.
Where are you from? Where have you lived?
I'm originally from Detroit and Washington DC. I've lived all over Arizona and lived in Oregon.
All About You
I'll tell you over a couple a' beers.
Singe or Married:
Tell us about being single or married:
I'm single.
Top 10 reasons to go to Burning Man:
(or as many as you can think of)
To see the most incredible display of humanity ever, to be in an environment with no social stigmas, to get away from the bullshit of urban living, to party for a week straight, THE BAR CARS!
Top 10 things you don't like about Burning Man:
(or as many as you can think of)
Hm, the usuals I think. Having to break down camp and pack on Monday morning afte rbeing up all night for the Temple burn. The long ass line leaving doesn't bother me per se, it's that ALL of the restaurants and bathrooms are packed to capacity for like the next 100 miles.
BurningMan Experience:
I described my first Burn as it was everything I expected including that it had things and aspects I couldn't imagine!
BurningMan Tips & Tricks:
Live in a Hexayurt! I cannot recommend that enough. I also brought a rug to go down on the floor in my hexayurt and an inflatable mattress. It was some Shangri-La going on there! Pack your stuff in an organized manner. This year I'm bringing one big diffuel bag. I am going to pack each days outfit in a seperate plastic grocyer bag. I wake up in the morning, pull out a bag, get dressed, and at the end of the day put everything back in the bag and tie it off.
Years you've gone to Burning Man and your "Burning Moments":
(these are when you say, "oh my god did you just see that" or when something unigue happened to you.)
My favorite thing in my first Burn was ridign the Bar Cars (and the Dust City Dinner). I would wake up in the morning wait for a Bar Car to drive by, hop on, and then just hop bar cars until I got home.

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