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Hello my fellow burners! I just moved here from Cali so I don't know a single soul yet. Hoping to maybe meet some new friends here ^_^
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Playa or AZ Burner Name:

First Name or Nic Name:
Your personal website:
Name of the camp you are staying with this year:
Not sure yet
Camp website:
Camp crossroads:
A description of camp you're staying with:
Job/Career Title:
Your job/career and what you actually do:
Just moved so working on finding a new job hopefully soon.
Past Camps:
Laugh camp I-4
Why Burning Man? Why are you going?
It's definitely an experience like none other if you participate and open yourself up you can learn a lot. Meet all kinds of people and see things you would see no where else and it's a bangin good party.
Zodiac Sign:
Zodiac Sign of Partner:
No Partner
How or where did you first hear about Burning Man?
My EMT teacher when I was about 16 XD
Volunteered with:
What would you do differently if you could go back in time from a past Burning Man experience:
Get more involved and participate.
Where are you from? Where have you lived?
Done a lot of moving the last couple years but born in and recently left California.
All About You
Suppose you'll just have to ask ^_^
Singe or Married:
Tell us about being single or married:
Top 10 reasons to go to Burning Man:
(or as many as you can think of)
Getting away from it all, meeting new people, trying new things, discovering yourself, the art, a sense of community, the music, awsm parties, all the playa dust, getting closer to friends, self expression with zero judgement.
Top 10 things you don't like about Burning Man:
(or as many as you can think of)
The heat, kind of pricey, and I suppose the fact that it has to end lol.
BurningMan Experience:
BurningMan Tips & Tricks:
Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Don't forget goggles and a facemask/ bandana, accept the fact you'll never be clean at any point, pickles are your friends! (Sounds weird but the vinegar does wonders for your throat in that dry heat), you can never have too many lights, it can be hard but don't over do it the first day or two or you can get burnt out early on.
Years you've gone to Burning Man and your "Burning Moments":
(these are when you say, "oh my god did you just see that" or when something unigue happened to you.)

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