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It was my good fortune to have been invited to AZ 2014 Decomp by Burner family members. It and all that has followed has been like Twilight Zone and Candid Camera. With a bit of Dahli Lama and Carlos Castaneda thrown in. I've practiced mindfulness, meditation, acceptance, been playful, creative, childlike and best of all somehow manifested myself a new life, family and community. You can get anything you want....
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Playa or AZ Burner Name:
First Name or Nic Name:
Your personal website:
Name of the camp you are staying with this year:
Not with a camp.
Camp website:
Camp crossroads:
A description of camp you're staying with:
Job/Career Title:
Your job/career and what you actually do:
Past Camps:
Why Burning Man? Why are you going?
Well if a bear went over the mountain just to see what he could see then surely I should see what there is to see on the playa.
Zodiac Sign:
Zodiac Sign of Partner:
No Partner
How or where did you first hear about Burning Man?
In a faraway galaxy where no man had gone before there were rumors of rumors of something strange in the desert... My nice niece Denise brought word back from the unholy land of Nevada.
Volunteered with:
At decomp I helped my camp mates get loaded to leave, then helped Sweeny Odd, then SpaghettiTaco I didn't stop until everyone was gone. Next time maybe I'll remember to load my stuff too. Volunteering for Saguaro Man (SaaggyMan :) I like it!)
What would you do differently if you could go back in time from a past Burning Man experience:
Meet Larry and his friends at the beach.
Where are you from? Where have you lived?
Born in Chicago moved to Tucson age 4, Sahuarita AZ between HS Sophomore and Junior years. Then the Gypsy side of my blood took over, Germany, New Mexico, Texas, Florida, Colorado and Indiana. I'll skip all the different cities in each state. Except Phoenix because after 5 years up there it's great to be back south!
All About You
Singe or Married:
Tell us about being single or married:
single (For about a couple of years I am ) married ( Just short of 25 years before being Not. Hey just so you know it wasn't my idea and no I wasn't screwing around.
Top 10 reasons to go to Burning Man:
(or as many as you can think of)
Have missed the last 10. Each year was a reason to go. Clever,huh?
Top 10 things you don't like about Burning Man:
(or as many as you can think of)
Is it slipping away? Do they serve ice cream? Can I always have another. Why can't I have my cake and eat too? Gee I don't want to be so negative. Bet I'll be able to add a few after the burn. You think?
BurningMan Experience:
All future tense and waiting to unfold like a secret box of chocolates! Oh goody!
BurningMan Tips & Tricks:
Years you've gone to Burning Man and your "Burning Moments":
(these are when you say, "oh my god did you just see that" or when something unigue happened to you.)

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